Q. How long does a custom vest take to make?
A. A custom vest will take 4-6 weeks to make. The holiday season can be busy so make sure you order with extra time for delivery.

Q. What size jacket / vest should I get?
A. Jackets will have unique patterns. A center zip jacket will have a different pattern than an asymmetrical style. The size charts are close to the exact fit and the customer reviews on the website are helpful. If you have any questions please contact the office. Ask yourself , what kind of weather will I be riding in? This will help determine if you need extra room to layer or if you want a true fit.

Q. My snap broke how can I get it fixed?
A. atroxus items have a lifetime warranty on snaps, zippers, and stitching. Contact the office via email or phone and let customer service know what item you need to send back for repair. They will issue you a number so the repair department can expedite your item and get it back to you asap.

If you have any question, please email us at and we will get back to you shortly.